February 28, 2017 IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar replica watch

The Complicated IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Double Moon Watch Replica

The IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar double moon replica watch takes one of IWC’s most classic designs (going back to the early 20th Century) and updates it to fit all the extra information.

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar replica watch
IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar replica watch

That brings us to the two different models – there is a white gold with a midnight blue dial and a red gold with a black dial. The white and blue has an extremely modern look, especially with that dual moonphase, but for Valentine’s Day the red gold seems more appropriate.

That’s quite a lot going on, but the Swiss-made IWC Portuguese copy watch is still clear and easy to read in both dial configurations. Up top is the dual moonphase (for both hemispheres), to the right you have the date and 7-day power reserve, to the left there is the running seconds inside the day of the week, and finally down at 6 o’clock there are the month and year indicators.

Alright, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and fast. We’ve got just over a week until the roses, dinners, and of course gifts, so it seems like an appropriate time to look at a romantic complication – the perpetual calendar.

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar copy watch
IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar copy watch

The one downside to receiving a perpetual for Valentine’s Day is that you’ll never have an excuse for missing the holiday again. Either would make a pretty spectacular gift for that special somebody. Especially if that somebody is you.

Conceptually, the perpetual calendar is a beautiful complication. It allows us to track the changes in time from the second to the day and even to multi-year cycles. It’s a mechanical timekeeper that never needs adjusting and follows all the rhythms of our lives. But, enough pontificating here, let’s look at a mens fake IWC Portuguese watch.

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