February 10, 2017 Black Ceramica Rado Chronograph watch replica

Best Quality Black Ceramica Rado Chronograph Copy Watch For Sale

The first ceramic Rado watch replica made entirely of ceramics – today restyled by Jasper Morrison with his typical pure and functional approach toward design. A new classic.

This collection reconnects to the brand’s history of black and gold models and provides a sophisticated and contemporary color range. Available in five tones – from white to pink gold – five variations, each celebrating a decade of Rado. Bold and innovative. The Ceramica by Rado symbolizes this vision.

Rado Ceramica Chronograph replica
Rado Ceramica Chronograph replica

Five Ceramica Chronographs, limited to ten pieces each, mark the first stage of Rado’s collaboration with designer Jasper Morrison. New packaging in the Spring of 2008 and a new watch in 2009 are the next steps. Technical and precise. The Ceramica Chronograph Limited Edition featuresnew dials and proportions. The three counters, as always like three subtle random comets, have been redesigned and highlighted in gold, as all the other details on the dial. The minute indexes emphasize the highly graphic character of the model and form a rounded square towards the corners. Scarcely emerging from the case, the pushers signal the functions of this Swiss-made Rado chronograph copy watch and are perfectly integrated into the profile of this model. Standing out: the golden crown matching each dial. As for the legendary ceramic, an innovate new development: matt appearance and exceptionally dense color, offer a striking contrast to the radiance of the gold and the brilliance of the black metalized crystal.

The packaging of this exceptional collection, also designed by Jasper Morrison, is made of black leather and has no visible stitching. Simple and pure. The chemical symbol representing the gold alloy of the model contained in the box: AuPd, Au2N, Au3N, Au4N or Au5N – is heat-stamped on the top surface. Refinement of matching tones, revealing more day after day – conceived to respect the product it protects. The mens fake Rado watch is placed in the box as if on a wrist. The closure – ritualizing the moment of discovery.

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